Can my new vehicle be delivered to me without a current MOT?

A question we at MDM Vehicle Deliveries are often asked is, can we move a vehicle without an MOT?

The answer is YES, we can book your vehicle in to be transported without an MOT but it will cost you more than a driven movement. The DVLA do not let us use the trade plates to move vehicles without a current MOT.

If you’re buying a vehicle from a dealer or auction you can check the MOT status of your new vehicle. Remember when collecting a vehicle it must have a Current MOT to be legally driven on the UK roads. You can collect a vehicle you have just purchased without an MOT but the vehicle must be booked in for a test at an MOT station and be driven directly to the appointment. However if the vehicle is deemed dangerous the driver of the vehicle can be fined £2500, receive a driving ban or 3 penalty points.

The vehicle must be safe to drive and the DVLA have listed checks which should be carried out before driving.



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