Electric Vehicles

We move electric vehicles

Over the last 5 years we have seen first-hand the difficulties when moving electric vehicles. Back in 2017 when we were first asked to move electric vehicles, although we knew it was the future, especially with the government incentives for individuals and businesses to purchase these vehicles, we knew we needed to embrace the change and wanted to be able to say 'yes we can' to you, our customer.

So, in 2017 we set about looking into how they worked. How many miles they would travel before needing to be charged (back then was not many). We had drivers moving these vehicles not knowing just how difficult it was. Not enough charging stations between charging. Very poor mileage range. No cables in vehicles. In fact, at one point you couldn’t pay for electric unless you had the correct charging card.

We had drivers sitting at supermarkets charging, not knowing how the machines worked. To start with I don’t think the customer service teams we called knew how they worked.

Fast forward to 2023 and we are up and running. We move lots of new Tesla's which has given confidence to our drivers that they are going to make the journeys without running out of charge.

We also move many other makes and models of electric vehicles, only made possible by the infrastructure catching up with the technology. Contact us to find out prices for moving electric vehicles on 01455 632830 or transport@mdmvehicles.co.uk.

Charging On Route

We are able to charge vehicles on route, whether you have charging cards registered to the vehicle or if you need a pay as you go service, we can provide charging. The time will be calculated at a rate.

Basic explanation of how to drive the electric vehicle

We can offer a basic explanation of how to drive a vehicle we are delivering to the end user. The driver may need an explanation themselves before leaving as vehicle are all different. We always point the customers in the direction of You Tube if they need more than a basic guide.

Deliver with an agreed % of charge

We can also charge the vehicle up just around the corner of the delivery point, leaving the customer with enough charge for their first journey. Please do speak to a member of staff upon booking. This will be charged at an agreed rate.


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