How has the Pandemic affected a vehicle transportation company?

Throughout the Pandemic we have been very lucky to continue to move vehicles nationwide. After the initial lockdown we discovered the continued need for the transportation of vehicles. However the restrictions placed upon us has been a tricky road to travel.

MDM have adapted to the new restrictions when collecting vehicles from auctions and compounds. Before the pandemic we could turn up and collect vehicles at any time but now we have a process to adhere to and every site has a different set of rules. We must now give times of collections and in some cases book time slots for deliveries.

The drivers have found moving around the country more challenging, public transport was affected and lift sharing couldn’t always go ahead. Available driving time was cut due to members of the team isolating or going for COVID tests. All this has made our year very eventful and almost impossible at times.

With spring just around the corner it seems the fog is lifting, drivers are feeling safer and we have settled into the new way of the new world. With our knowledge of the industry it feels like the buzz is back, more dealers are booking car deliveries for sales of new vehicles and the collection of used cars.

Speaking with one car leasing company today Match My Motors they said vehicle sales are looking strong again.

Car Delivery through Lockdown.


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