‘It’s Coming Home’ – England is seeing more people buying cars online

England are seeing more people buying cars online but how are they moving them home.

At the start of the year online car sales had increased by 10% and experts predict this curve will be driven higher.

Buying and selling cars are so much easier now with the advances in technology and many big names creating easy to use websites. Buying and selling cars from your phone.

Once you have purchased your vehicle how do you get it home?

MDM vehicle deliveries can collect your vehicle and let the buyer know when it’s coming home. Some of the benefits of having a vehicle delivered to your door are;

No need to find public transport which can be very costly.

No need to rely on a family member or friend for a lift.

Save the buyer time.

Save the need to drive both ways which is great for the environment.

No need to TAX the vehicle until it’s coming home as delivery drivers have trade plates.


It's coming home

It’s coming home



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